Our Development-As-A-Service model allows you to be directly involved in the development process from design to deployment.

App Development

Your app should be as unique as your business. We provide native cross-platform apps that are tailor-made for your business.

Web Development

We pride ourselves on creating mobile-first websites that will look great no matter what screen your customer is viewing it on.

Cloud Hosting

With years of hosting and deployment experience, we can provide a fast and stable hosting environment for your website or APIs.

Custom Integrations

Have existing business software that you need to integrate with? We do that. We create solutions that allow your existing software systems to communicate with each other.

API Development

Apps and websites are only as good as the data and services that power them. Our team specializes in creating robust and secure APIs that ensure your apps have access to the data they need.

Our Team

Our Partners

Technology Focused. Service Driven.

Technology Focused.

Whether it’s Networking, Servers, Computers, Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Lighting, or Programming. We work with technology all day every day.After work we go home and think about technology. When we sleep, we sometimes dream about technology. Our spouses are jealous of our relationship with technology.

To say we’re technology focused, is understatement. At Pitt Technology Group we are technology focused.


 At PTG, we believe in good-ole-fashion service driven relationships.  We prefer actual relationships with our customers. We don’t like call centers, multi-tiered support structures, or email based support.  We prefer to come out to your business or call you when we can’t.  We want to know you. We want to know your business goals and even your family’s goals.

We want to be your partner in meeting those goals.