About Us

About Us

Technology Focused. Service Driven.

“Doug and I like to say we are a 27 year old new company” -Kevin

Concepticode - 2 years
AVMAN - 17 years
Syndeo - 3 years
LoVo - 5 years
Nexio - 27 years

*Years of Service In Springfield

Our History

Doug Pitt opened our doors in 1991 under the name ServiceWorld Computer Center, after providing excellent service for local Springfield businesses for 20 years, Doug sold a portion of the company to Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Shortly after, ServiceWorld was merged with Miami’s Low Voltage provider, TSI Global, taking its name and becoming TSI Technology Solutions. In partnership with TSI & Wooten Co., Doug Pitt and Kevin Waterland, opened Syndeo Solutions in 2015 becomming the first Residential Internet provider to provide Gigabit internet in the Springfield area. After Syndeo became TSI’s largest local client, Kevin and Doug bought back Doug’s baby,ServiceWorld from TSI in addition to the 2014 formed Low Voltage Construction SGF division, creating Pitt Technology Group, with subsidiaries by the name of Nexio, LoVo and Syndeo. In 2018 Doug and Kevin Further expanded the company by acquiring AVMAN and Concepticode.

“Doug and I like to say we’re a 27 year old new company, because thats exactly what we are. Doug has been with this company for 27 years and built its reputation for good service through sheer will. I have been with him for 12 years starting at the front desk answering phones and working through each and every acquisition, name change and success. We’re in the Springfield area Technology Scene for the long haul.”

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Our Team

Technology Focused. Service Driven.

Technology Focused.

Whether it’s Networking, Servers, Computers, Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Lighting, or Programming. We work with technology all day every day.After work we go home and think about technology. When we sleep, we sometimes dream about technology. Our spouses are jealous of our relationship with technology.

To say we’re technology focused, is an understatement. At Pitt Technology Group we are technology focused.


 At PTG, we believe in good-ole-fashion service driven relationships.  We prefer actual relationships with our customers. We don’t like call centers, multi-tiered support structures, or email based support.  We prefer to come out to your business or call you when we can’t.  We want to know you. We want to know your business goals and even your family’s goals.

We want to be your partner in meeting those goals.

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