Syndeo Solutions

Syndeo Solutions, a division of Pitt Technology Group headquartered in Springfield, Missouri is the area’s leader in connecting users to quality and affordable residential and commercial internet services. Through key partners, such as Springnet, AT&T, Sho-Me and WON Communications, Syndeo currently provides over four thousand MDU tenants and 100 businesses with the highest internet speeds and best customer service in the Springfield metro area.

Exceptional Internet Service

Syndeo’s unique approach uses bulk purchasing power to connect customers to the best internet value available. Syndeo provides up to 1Gbps internet speeds to most businesses and up to 500Mbps to residential MDUs within the Springfield metro area. This includes Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Springfield and others.

Exceptional People Syndeo has rejected the typical support structure available through most internet providers. Syndeo connects users with qualified support on the very first support call. Through Pitt Technology Group, Syndeo has access to specialized employees for each technology needed to ensure reliable access. Whether it’s Cabling, Fiber, Networking, or even a user’s laptop, Syndeo has the right people to fix the issue and fix it quickly.