LoVo Integrations

LoVo Integrations, a division of Pitt Technology Group headquartered in Springfield, Missouri is the area’s premier provider of low voltage cabling and system integration. LoVo strives to exceed Bicsi, Infocomm, and other industry standards. The latest tools, techniques, and training allow us to deliver state of the art infrastructure and solutions to our customers. To find out more about LoVo visit us at LoVointegrations.com

Low Voltage Specialized

Our roster of specialized technicians allows us the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs and perform even the most complex projects. State of the art installation tools and certifiers maximize productivity and ensure quality work.


LoVo’s technicians have delivered solutions for the area’s largest organizations from stadiums and churches to campus networks and commercial spaces. We bring those years of industry leading experience into every project no matter the size or scope.


Screens, racks, cables, and parts can be purchased anywhere. Integrating these into a system that enhances the business and exceeds customer expectations is the key. Our focus is to understand the customer’s vision and bring the right mix of products and service to make it a reality


As a division of Pitt Technology Group, LoVo has access to specialized employees in all areas of technology. With access to employees with IT, Audio/Visual/Lighting, Programming, and Internet specializations, LoVo is able to coordinate multiple technology services within the same project. This leaves no gap in our planning process.