AVMAN is a system integrator located in Springfield, MO.  We provide amazing solutions to your Audio, Video and Lighting needs.  AVMAN focuses on building our reputation of integrity and technical excellence for the design of house of worship, schools and colleges along with many types of corporate facilities.  Our team provides thoughtful and intuitive design, friendly support and a beautiful installation!

Audio, Video & Lighting Specialized

Using a comprehensive scope of communication and video presentation technologies- AVMAN will become a trusted member of your design team, providing a single point of responsibility for any of your Audio-Visual and Lighting needs.


Since 2001 AVMAN has been providing Design, Technology Consultation, and complete installation services.   Our team works with passion to provide the best presentation systems to meet your needs in Sound and Lighting Systems, Video, Digital Signage and more.  AVMAN has the expertise and experience to keep your organization on the cutting edge of AV technology. 

Integrated Technology

We strive to improve communication at your organization and beyond.  Using the latest technology, we can design systems from broadcasting coordinated messages with our digital signage solutions to live streaming meaningful discussions with subject-matter experts in remote locations.  Using smart integrated controls, we can consolidate all your Audio, Video and Lighting systems making them end user friendly.


As a division of Pitt Technology Group, AVMAN has access to specialized employees in all areas of technology.  With access to employees with IT, Programming, and internet specializations, we are able to coordinate multiple technology services with the same project.  This leaves no gap in our planning process.